Training for standard poodle

Acquiring a Standard Poodle is a far more responsible act than changing your living room or your car. Think about it!

Among the many questions any buyer should ask themselves, one seems unavoidable: "Will I be a good owner?" Indeed, to deserve the presence of a dog by their side, a worthy owner must:

  • Respect their animal unconditionally
  • Provide them with adequate living space
  • Engage in daily activities with them
  • Pay particular attention to their health
  • Provide them with a balanced diet

If you believe you can fulfill these duties of being a "master," then you are among the fortunate chosen ones and are ready for the "grand" adventure!

To stack the odds in your favor:

  • Never impulsively purchase a puppy based on a "gut feeling" or because it's trendy.
  • Don't gift a puppy to a child solely based on their promise to take care of it.
  • Avoid acquiring a puppy younger than 7 weeks old.
  • Choose a breed that matches your temperament.


The best choice is to buy from a breeder, who should be a specialist. Avoid "multi-breed" breeders, which resemble a dog-selling supermarket. A conscientious breeder cannot claim to know and raise more than three breeds properly at once.

Steer clear of pet stores that offer puppies without registration certificates and with dubious origins! Furthermore, the prices are often as high as those from breeders recommended by various breed clubs.



Not before the age of 7 weeks. Give them time to learn the language of their species. This is crucial! A puppy separated too early from its litter may develop aggression towards its peers because its ambition and territorial appetite haven't been regulated by other dogs in the litter.

Until 6 months, divide the ration into three meals at regular times. Don't forget water. Avoid giving table scraps to prevent overweight. Avoid varying its food, as a sudden change can cause diarrhea. Danger alert! Store toxic plants away: mimosa, oleander, lily of the valley, dumb cane, tulip, and rhododendron. Danger alert! Avoid leaving objects lying around that it might ingest. Danger alert! Don't feed the adult dog just before or after significant physical exertion. The dog is at risk of gastric torsion, which is often fatal!

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