Grooming for standard poodle

How to Groom a standard Poodle?
Do you have a poodle and want it to be the most beautiful of all? Grooming is an art and takes time, but it is possible to groom your poodle at home without going to a professional groomer.

How to Properly Groom Your Standard Poodle?
Even if you're here to learn how to groom them, it's important to review the basics of grooming (for that, go to the end of the article). They are the same regardless of the dog's breed, whether they have short or long hair.

If you're not very skilled with the clippers yet, opt for a blade size that's not too short to avoid injuring them Trim the hair around the neck Trim between the eyes Shave the legs
The website Wikihow has created a really comprehensive tutorial that explains exactly how to proceed step by step. We cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing quality equipment. If you plan to groom your pet at home, you will save money in the long run. So, allocate the necessary budget to buy a professional clipper, a worthwhile investment in the medium term, not to mention the real comfort of use.

It's important to regularly brush your pet, as it strengthens the bond between you while taking care of them. However, their fur will grow and eventually become bothersome, especially around the eyes.

You won't need to trim them every month, but twice a year is a good baseline. The coat serves various functions, such as keeping them warm in winter or protecting them from UV rays when it's sunny (as well as dehydration). You can of course consult a professional; some recommend four trims a year, corresponding to each change of season.

What brush to use?
Your canine companion needs your care, so what's better than brushing them? They'll enjoy it greatly, seeing how much you're taking care of them. The more regularly you brush them, the more accustomed they'll become to it.

This will directly remove any dirt and prevent knots from forming. If they have long hair, daily brushing is necessary, depending on your needs:

Slicker brush Bristle brush Comb Detangler It all depends on your needs: do you simply want to remove dead hair, untangle their fur, or brush it?


Learning to groom your standard poodle
Before picking up the dog clippers or scissors, you need to start with the basics, which of course is preparation:

Brushing: an important step as it will remove knots and dead hair Thinning out the fur: if your pet has thick fur, you can use thinning scissors To bathe or not? If your poodle is dirty, you will indeed need to give them a bath, otherwise it won't be necessary You can also take this opportunity to trim their nails (once they are comfortably settled on the table, might as well make the most of it)

Why shave?
Every owner has their own reasons, with the main goal being to care for their pet while making them even more beautiful. Here are the main reasons for shaving your poodle:

Purely aesthetic reasons (whether for competitions or not) For their comfort and well-being Shorter fur is less likely to harbor parasites Prevents them from getting too hot in hot weather Shaving your dog will take some getting used to, and you'll improve with each session. Your groomer has undergone hours of training for a reason. You'll need to be gentle while removing excess hair.

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