It is important not to forget to treat the parasitic animal against tapeworm with the adequate treatment . It is also important to treat the environment to have satisfying results with the use of aerosol. For more information, do not hesitate to ask your vet for advice.

Ticks are found in green spaces and woods,they usually fix themselves on twigs to later , fall . They then fix themselves on the animals to feed on their blood. They can transmit to your dog a deadly disease called Piroplasmosis.
To prevent this disease you could protect your dog by using “ evolution” from your veterinarian , but you must continuously inspect its fur every day and remove the ticks.

A little anti-tick hook which could be used on any animal,
will permit the to remove the parasite completely and easily . Called Tir-tic, it has been patented and used by a veterinarian .

Never remove a tick with bare hands, or use ether or tweezers , pieces of the mouth can break off and remain in the animals skin , provoking an abcess.

Manipulating the tick with tweezers or the hands can transmit the piroplasmosis due to the pressure applied on the ticks body. Ether, will have very long periods of application which are rarely respected and also usually “ annoy the animal” .

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