It is interesting to know that we do not realize the danger that chocolate can provoke to your companion.

Chocolate can provoke an intoxication. Not only to dogs but to many animals. In certain warm countries, it was known that cattle were intoxicated by cocoa beans. In those beans is a substance called theobromine. This is found in great quantities in dark chocolate, les in milk chocolate and almost none in white chocolate. In chocolate flavoured candies, it is almost non existent, so your dog can have some without worries but too much can be dangerous ( sugar).

What theobromine does:
It provokes tachycardia ( troubles with the cardiac pace )
Symptoms: First the dog gets excited , very thirsty and vomits.

Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian because this lead to convulsions with risks of falling into a coma.
In other words, give your dog chocolate flavoured candies instead of chocolate.

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