Hi, i am writing to give you some news of my pretty Moussa. She will be  5 months soon and now weighs 40pounds. She's house trained and very affectionate. She's learning very fast and she walks at my feet. She's my sun in the morning and loves to  come to camp. She is a good friend to  the golden and the basset. I will have her fixed shortly. Her groomer loves her very much and during the clipping she behaves like a big girl.

bye, talk to you later    

Johanne of saguenay, Quebec
Hi Denis!  Coal is doing great and checked out fine with the
vet last week.  He weighed 13 pounds at 10.5 weeks.  We  all love him and he is thriving.  I hope all is well with you.  

Jennifer   Cornwall Ontario
Hello Denis, I want to thank you for my beautiful Kelly. She is adorable, obedient, affectionate and calm during play time. Very calm with children. Thank you for your patience during our deliberation as monopolizeed when we were making a decision; black or brown, male or female. Despite everything, I did not fell pressured. No regrets choising a Loulou Poodle!!! They all are so marvelous it made the choice difficult!!! I am so impressed by the breeds, that when i reserve my next puppy, the parti color is my fist choice!! Your demeanour, attention and  love for all your dogs makes them precious animals indeed. You are the first step in the life and education of our future companions. An endearing breed!!

Thank you again and again..... Marie-Lyne xxx

BOO is almost 5 months on December 2, 2007. Boo weighs almost 40 pounds. He is clean and obefient now and very calm for a pup.

Thank you for your guidance and service!!

Lise Duchesne from pincourt.
Hello, I'm sending you a recent picture of Zorro, he is doing fine. He already got spayed and will soon start his obedience classes. He is so sweet and affectionate and the kids loves him! Evveyboby here is attached to him. He is beautiful don't you think? He brings a lot of joy and hapiness in our house. He is loyal and we can see that he adores us too. I'm very happy to have chosen a Standard Poodle and I recommend it to everyboby. Bye, Brigitte Chouinard, Laval. QC


There's a picture of Lancelot. He's fine and is now 4 months old and weight 30 pounds. We have a lot of fun with him... He's a little rasqual !!!!

With delightful ways, he knows how to charm everyboby !

Josée and Maryse

 Hi, I wanted to send you a picture of Molson and tell you what a sweetie he is, well most of the time.  He is gorgeous, very striped and I get stoped on the street all the time--everyone goes nuts over him, it's like I'm walking a baby that everyone stops to look at.  He is already 60 lbs, which is 20 more pounds than our last poodle, Ebony, -so a big difference.  He is all boy too.  Loves the snow, like a mountain dog, always has to be on top of a hill, extremely playful, although always in trouble as he steals everything, particularly stuffed animals, socks and hats and you were right, this dog wants to eat 24 hours a day and we have real problems with him 'counter surfing' but it has made me keep my kitchen a lot cleaner, so that is good.  He is a baby too, really cries (whines)a lot, it is so funny.  Thought you'd like to know, and looking at your puppy pictures on your site, makes me want another one, but compared to our Ebony, this guy is like having 2!!!!  Thanks again, June McMartin


Cruz arrived safe and sound!  He is a delightful little guy and I am so pleased with his dark chocolate coat!  He is such a proud boy and prances around in typical poodle style!

He is a very good traveler and slept almost all the way home.  He also slept through the night in his crate which I was so proud of him!

Today, we introduced him to Jordan (our miniature poodle who is 2 years old).  Cruz tried to immediately mount him (haha) and Jordan quickly put Cruz in his place.  It's so funny because already Cruz is almost as big as Jordan.  Cruz is now very respectful and I think they will be good friends.  

The night we arrived home, it snowed like crazy!  Cruz enjoys it outside and even though I shoveled out the driveway for him to potty in, he chose to climb over the snow bank and dive into the deep snow!  What fun.

Thank you Lucie for such a lovely little boy!

Cynthia & Cruz  (Alberta province)
 Hi Dennis,

Here's some news of Kyra !!! ( 8 months )

It's the most gentle puppie I have ever seen.

And intelligence superior to the norm, she's already pass three obediance classes ( basic training, base1 and base 2) Her next class will be with the clicker...

Big surprise !! After the first grooming, her brown robe is is now full of shades of dark and light brown. This makes her a unique dog.

She's a bundle of joy for us with her affectionate and calm temperament. But she is also playfull and curious as soon as someone gives her some time.

picture of Kyra ( March 2008 )

Hello Denis
here finnaly a picture of our beautiful Dalia. She's extraordinary puppy! For a fist experiment with a dog, we do not regret our decision! She is intelligent! We are certain that the home where she growth being little baby had an influence on her good temperament. She will have 4 month in 3 days and she weighs 26 lbs. When people see her, they are surpris of her size. We are forgotten quickly that she is still a baby...except when she run away with a pair a socks or new sandal...ihihi. All our family, friends and neighbors find her superb... When we are going for a walk, she make turn the heads! Ah yes and she love water! she is always ready for a bath!  thank you
Elizabeth and Marc-Andre
Hello, Tobby is a  affectionate dog. Especially, he has much difficulty of not being with Nancy mistress!!! And i  am very proud of my dog.

Y. Morency
Already the summer  is finished soon and Tao had 7 months. Tap is always a formidable dog, it is very calm in the house but with the park with dogs he is an inveterate player! We are taking course of canine education and it succeeded very well! Moreover it s' toilet aujourd' is made; today for the first time and he was very calm for is grooming ! Really thank you still for the care taken to your breeding! I will give again you news in a few months, when Tao knows its first snows!

Thank you Yannick Vézina
Hi Denis !
Here are a few word about our beautiful Balzac,
He will be 9 months old on the 26 th . Our big boy now weighs 58 pounds . He is extra ordinary , well balanced and his gentilness and intelligence are more than ordinary.
He's got a way of charming us when he wants something ( playing ball, taking a walk or just to get our attention)
He turns heads everytime we take him for a walk.
Balzac goes to daycare and he got the workers under his charm.
He is nice to the other dogs , he even has his own freinds there , it's fun to see .
Finally , he makes us very happy.
And yes , a worker there has told me that the breeder where Balzac comes from does great work , she finds him super.
Thanks ,

Martin et Chantal

Hello i would like talk you about Aroul. My beautiful dog i bought from you a month ago. She is extraordinary, she have 2 color and she have double personality. She is angel, she is calm and listing well. After 10 days she is housetrain. She understand the command: sit, give the paw, she is extraordinary, when she plays outside with cthe children, her second personality come out. She run with all your force, she catches the children, she loves to play, they can't believe that she 3 ½ month. She wery beautiful and very intelligent.
Thank you very much  

Diane from St-Hyacinthe
I am sending you some picture of my puppy : Tequila! We have nothing but compliments for our angel. Her light brown fur gets lots of looks around the neighbourhood. She now 9 months and she listen very well. I would never have tought, i would get attach to a dog. Thank you!
She 24 inchs tall at shoulder and weight 45 pounds, is she full grown ? her eyes remind me of her mother eyes she even catches the ball like her!
write you later
Lucie from rosemere
Hi !
I send you some picture from Kooki, i adore that little bundle of her!
Write you later!

Christiane Dupuis

How have you been?  I thought I would send you a quick note to let you know that Edgar is doing fantastic!  He is a very good boy and has been an absolute pleasure in my life.  He is now 12 weeks old and weighs approximately 17lbs!  He is almost finished his puppy obedience classes and is the star of the class, if I do say so myself!
Edgar had his first groom last week and was a very good boy, he is now starting to look like a poodle with the shaved face and feet.  I am stopped all the time by people, telling me how cute he is.  I have given your website to a number of people interested in your puppies.  Edgar loves going to the park and playing with other dogs, he gets very, very excited.
I have attached a picture that I had done by a photographer for Christmas Cards, and another one of us together.  I hope you enjoy!

Take care and hope all of your little puppies find new homes in time for Christmas!  Say hi to your daughter and husband for me and Edgar.

Lana & Edgar

one small email to give some news on Moka. She is doing well and she is adapted to our new home. She is a dog who loves everyone. She listen well her master, but also the father and the boy in the house. She gets along well with our cat, loves to makes her run around a lot. Moka is beautiful dog with a very good character. She hasn't damaged anything in the house. She very intelligent and learns quickly. Since 3 month old, she ring the bell by the door when she want to go outside.

Here the picture of her at 5 month. She is massive and growthing fast. I believe she will get very tall and big.
Sally Morasse
Here is Max at 4 ½ month old, first visit at the groomer, pretty dog! He weighs 45 pounds, He is a superb good dog.
Hello how are you doing,
We are doing good, i just wanted to send you a picture of Daisy she will be 1 year old soon with her friend Buddy.
I will be able to get in other puppy in about 2 years.
Thank you and have a nice day.
Hi, here a hard day at work for Sady at the office
Have a nice day
Hello Denis,
Hard to beleive, it's being 3 weeks that Mitsou with us and everything is doing fine, we adjusting well!! We went to the vet yesterday, she had her second shot and the vet is was very please with Mitsou. We were going back  in may 3 for the other shot, Mistou doing well, we have fun together. She doen't like to sleep in her cage at night because she want to be at our feet, so the cage is in the bedroom with us. She really likes playing outside we have a hard time to keep her beside us. She learn a few command like sit, where her food and her treat.
I hope everything going well, thank you for everything, we adore Her.
Jocelyne Sarault
I hope you have been well! I have been keeping an eye on your website and it appears as though you have been very busy with all the new litters! They are so cute makes me want another one!  My Dad will be retiring soon and when he is ready will be getting a dog from you too!
Edgar turned 6 months old yesterday, he weighs approx 45lbs and is 23" tall. He is a real looker, I get stopped on the street all the time, people asking me about his unique coloring and wonderful personality and of course, I tell them to check out your website to get one too.  He brings so much joy and love to my life everyday. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Hi, I thought I would send you a picture of Jack.  Hope all is well.  Tell your daughter he is doing fine.  We have completed kindergarten and have started grade 1 with Jack.  
This picture was taken last month, outside in the snow.

I wanted to give you news of our Amos. Soon 10 months and 50 pounds. The picture tell lots about him. I rolling blade with him and i am glade to have break are i would be in China. I work on the road and I bring Amos everywhere i go. What a nice animal! I still think of buying a second one. You will probably see me again next year
Thank you very much
Yves from St-Julie
Hello to your family,
It's being 2 weeks we went to got are puppy. I am thinking a few minutes to give you news on one of Fanny and Pacha babies. When went to our friends that has a standard poodle, he had a good lunch and he went outside to go to the bathroom and he had a lots of fun with Léa.
The drive to Chambly went well.
Zeus is the fast learner. He now going at the door when he needs to go. He hills good. Since he's not sleeping in his cage he has good night and wait in the morning to go outside. Before he was waking up at 2 o'clock in the morning, crying to go outside and he was doing in his cage.
Nicolas our son love him, he takes a good care of him.
He understand his name and the word “no”. Now he sits when we tell him to sit.
He eats and chew everything he find on the floor, That the only problem that we have to work for now with patient. He has lots of toys  and we show him that it's ok to play with his toys and not anything else.
No matter what he does we love him and everybody that see him find him adorable and very calm for a puppy.
We are very happy to have Zeus. A big thank you again for all your time.
Thank you again
Anne-Marie, Stéphane and Nicolas.

I thought I would send you a few new pictures of Edgar.  He will be 8 months old on May 9th.  He weighs 50lbs and is 24" tall.  He is so handsome! I thought you would enjoy seeing what gorgeous poodles you breed.

Talk to you soon.

Lana and Edgar
We are very happy with are dog, she is a lover, very calm and listen very good. She was housetrain in 1 week, she slept all night with us. When people come at our place they say hello to Simone before us, but what do you want she is so extraordinary.
Thank you and keep up the good work, we want hesitate to recommend you.
Claude and Angelle
Brooke Athena de Villeneuve at 9 weeks.
Hello Denis,
Mistou is 4 months old Saturday, she feels very good and we have lots of fun with her. Now weighs 30 pounds, She is not a small dog anymore !!
Last week was her first ride in our Boat. At first she was nervous as the picture shows but after she got used to it.
Once again we thank you.
Just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing well and growing like a weed.  He is going for his needle tomorrow so I'll find out then how much he weighs.  We just love him so much.
I'm writing you now to discuss getting another puppy from you in July.
He is so smart and funny.  He has mastered the stairs already (up and down) and wants to be by our side constantly.  He is such a nice dog.  Because we are so satisfied with him we decided to purchase the second one from you as well.  Please let us know about any puppies available in July and the cost.Take care and please let me know about info on another puppy.
Have a great day,

Thank you for taking the time with us on the telephone. I send you a picture of my beautiful Cloé and my grand son Justin. I hope everything goes well and we wish you a beautiful summer.
Jocelyne Casavant
Hello every body,
Sorry we didn't send you some news earlier. Zeus is 5 ½ months old. He is in very good health, we love him lots. I would like to inform you that i am interested in a brown and white female that would be available in September.
I am waiting to hear from you.
Have a nice summer.
Anne-Marie from Chambly
I give you news on our beautiful Balou. (born february 19, 2009, mother Kelly) He is almost 4 months on the picture.
We love him a lot. He is super intelligent, calm, affectionate but independant at the same time. My dad who doesn't like dog... adores this one! Needless to say!! We take him everywhere we go and he is gentle. It's sure that having a puppy it's hard work and takes time and we have to adjust our schedule but our puppy is worth it without hesitation.
Thank you
Hello to you both, our beautiful girl is growing fast, she has received her 3rd shot and weighs 22 pounds. She is super calm, gentle and affectionate. However, she doesn't like the car, she drewls a lot and is uncomfortable, do you have a miracle cure because i don't want to give her medication, in time she would get used to our rides.
Thank you
Hi Lucy,

Hope everything is good with you and your family.

I thought I would update you on our puppy, Berrin.  He is doing great and has a wonderful personality, and is a very good dog.  He loves everybody he meets, gets along very well with other dogs and loves to play!  I've attached a few pictures taken at the beach on Canada Day, where he is celebrating his one-year old Birthday!  Berrin loves the water and has become a very good swimmer!  

I think he looks a lot like his mom, Maggie.  


Lynn Campbell

Here are some pictures that are more or less good, they were very excited, I will take more when they are more photogenic Hahahah!
Bye bye
A few words with some news of our silver and white female, Sushi. At 10 ½ months, she is 45 pounds, she is well integrated to our family. Sushi succeeded her obedience classes paws up and really helped to get a good start with our dog. She loves the children and likes to play tag with them. And my son asthmatic and allergic....has no problems! We are lucky to have our 4 legged friend without disturbing our son. She has been introduced to travelling  during our vacation and she was marvellous in the car, even after many hours!
Thank you for everything!
Vicky Martineau

Thought you would enjoy these pictures of Edgar!

He will be 10 months on July 9th, son of Molly and Toby

Take care,

Lana & Edgar
Hi there,  I am sending you some pic's of Piper at 8mos.  I am very happy with her outgoing clown personality.  She is very athletic and she comes with me everyday to the horses and runs while I ride.  She is my constant companion.  I keep her groomed like the retriever to keep her coat free of burrs and brambles in the country.  I have taken her on holidays with me flying and at the airport we attract a lot of attention.  Many people tell me how beautiful she is and they love her color. Here are pictures of Brighton my 12yr old shepherd and Piper at 8 months.  Thank you so much for this beautiful dog.

Just a little note to let you know that Cocoa is doing very well. We love her very much and as you can see she is growing and making herself right at home. She loves the open space to run around.

All the best



Thought you might like a photo of Cocoa on her 1st birthday.
She is a wonderful dog. Her best friend is one of our cats & she loves
Sleeping on our bed.
Shirley Vandor
Hi Roxanne we meant to send you this over the holidays. Here is our beautiful Marley at 7 months old we love her to pieces!

Hi Roxanne,

Earl is growing fast, enjoying life and is becoming a true water dog.

Hi Roxanne,

Just sending you an update on my puppy. We named him Earl and he is doing very well and adapting nicely to my other dogs.