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Information on the standard poodle

The poodle is one of the most popular races of dog in world.

Here some information on the standard poodles:

origin: Medieval Europe

Function: at the beginning, those dogs were stop dog and birds hunters mainly used now as companions.

Lifespan: 10-14 years

Type of coat: Buckled, not of moult.

Cut: 15 inches +

Weight (typical):male 45-70 pound(20-32kg.)female 30-60pound(15-27kg.) Function

Still excellent hunter dogs .

Monitoring: Very high potential

Protection: Average possibilities

Traction: Very high potential


Intelligence: Very high

Level activity: medium - but will not oppose to the elevated levels exercises.

The poodles make good companions and are extremely faithful. The poodles traine correctly are eager to give pleasure. The owner should be a qualified trainer, because the poodles can be stubborn if badly educated. Like good rule of work, if you do not form your standard poodle then you can be on because it will train you

The royal poodle is blessed with a great intelligence, which includes promptness and memory. This is a dog easy to educate, firmness remains the basic principale. The faithfulness and love it display' s to their master will balance the possessive side of the standard poodle. Resisting fatigue, he demonstrates great hunting skills and loves to play.This animal craves people and is excellent with children. also showing a calmness more so than the smaller variety of poodles.

The standard poodle does not like to be alone the may live in a small dwelling, but exercice is a must. Which may include swimming, hunting. He is known for his great sense of smell.

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