The goal of ressuscitation

To activate the breathing and the heart beat. This will prevent, due to lack of oxygen, damage to the brain.

There is only one purpose to the resuscitation: To keep your dog alive until the arrival of a veterinarian.

Before beginning the resuscitation:

First control the chest. If there is no movement, verify by putting your hand on the dogs chest. This way, the breathing and the heart beats could be felt.

1. No breathing
Clear the airways, pull out the tongue and remove anything blocking the airways such as blood, bones etc…

Be sure that the dogs mouth is well closed.

Repeat this for five seconds, every five seconds.
Within the next 10 minutes your dog should breathe independently.

With your index and thumb. Make the form of an “O”. Place the “O” on the dogs nose. Then you may begin to blow oxygen by the nose. The thorax will lightly rise and you then stop blowing.

2. Heart beats
When you see that your dog is in cardiac arrest, immediately give two short punches on the thorax next to the scapula. If there is no reaction, start immediately with the cardiac massage. Place the flat side of your hand on the thorax, right side, next to the scapula.

Place your other hand on the first on . Push little pushes once every second for a duration of 10 seconds. After 5 seconds of break, restart the massage. Regularly control the beats. When you feel a heartbeat, the massage can be stopped.

3. No breathing combined with cardiac arrest.

You must give 10 seconds of cardiac massage and follow by 5 seconds of blowing through the nose.

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