FAQ for standard poodle

In what sizes do the standard poodle come ?
They are usually between 23 and 28 inches at the withers. To be considered a poodle by the standard poodle criteria, the Canadian and American Kennel Club designate that they must be more than 15 inches at the withers. The weight should be between 35 and 70 Lbs. However, it is not uncommon for the standard poodle to be smaller or larger than that. Of course, the toy poodle and miniature poodle occupy the bottom of the scale.

What colour can the standard poodle be ?
All colours of the rainbow... well, almost. Blue, silver, apricot, cream, white, red, brown and the " parti color "( black and white, brown and white, cream and white, gray and white) It also can be the"ghosts " (marked as a child) and brindle (three colours).

Does the standard poodle play with the ball or frisbee in a park?
Yes, they can, they like to exercise. The interaction, with lots of joy!!

Does the standard poodle like hiking, camping and the outdoors?
Yes, they have adapted well to camping, hiking and walking on the beach or swimming in the lake.

Does the standard poodle bark much?
Each dog is different. Maggie barks only when someone has arrived at home. Fanny talks about advantage. She barks to get our attention. Overall, they do not bark very much. they do bark to warn you of situations. But these are exceptions to the rule.

Is the standard poodle good with children?
Overall, yes. If the dog is raised with children, there should be little concern. They like children. Select a pup that is comfortable with your child. Never choose a pup that tends to be timid or dominate when you have children. Remember these are large dogs

May i have a cat with a standard poodle ?
Of course, most standard poodle will adapt to most households. But if your cat is wary,it may be cocern for them to cohabit with a dog. Know your cat!

What about birds and the standard poodle ?
It depends on your bird. In general, they will live together but supervision is a must. Use your common sense.

Can i have a standard poodle in an apartment ?
Most will be very well. As long as you have time for them. They have energy, especially the puppies and need exercise.

Are standard poodle prone to shedding?
No, not as much as other dogs. they don't shed. Their hair remains on the body whith existing hair. Terefore it is a must to brush the dog's hair regularly.
Generally, even people with common allergies can live with a standard poodle.

However, you should find a dog groomer or ascertain how the hair sheds in normal routine. The dog should be groomed every six weeks.

Are standard poodle difficult to housetrain?
No, not more than the other races. Use of a cage makes training easier.

Is the standard poodle destructive?
Not in our experience. Usually they are like retreivers, where they deligth in playing fetch. Its advisable to provide toys for them to enjoy.

I have frequent comments from men stating that they would not be seen with a standard poodle
Most people who buy a standard poodle are men! Yes, they are impressed by the sociable behavior worthiness and loyalty of which the standard poodle expresses.

Why love a standard poodle ?
Why not ? They are simply marvelous!
They come in all sizes of colours and patterns. They do not shed. The standard poodle are  my favorites because they do not  bark excessively. They tend to be much calmer than the smaller versions and are highly intelligent, loyal, loving, sweet.

The standard poodle likes to play for hours, making them a great friend for children and other pets. You may have in the home!

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