The standard poodle ear canal is often subject to inflammation .This can be in both ears simultaneously, or one ear at a time. The dog will react by shaking his head or by rubbing his ear on the ground. In certain cases a strong odour will come from the infected ear. In severe cases the animal will bend his head on the side that is infected.

Various causes
The causes to this are numerous.
Strange substances such as shampoos, inadequate medications, water penetrating in the ear when swimming, foreign substances such as spikelets will enduce inflammation. Strong winds while riding in a car with the head outside of the window, or when in a strong ventilated area, can also be the cause.
Certain parasite scabs can take over the ear canal and cause inflammatory lesions.
Certain allergies ( food or other), hormonal imbalance, and other auto-immune diseases can also cause Otitis.

A non treated otitis can lead to complications. Bacteria will multiply and infection will appear. After determining the cause of the otitis, the veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate treatment. All unwanted substances should be removed from the ear, the pain will be controlled with pain relievers, the parasites will be treated and eliminated with the proper medication also, antibiotics will control the infection. The ear must be well cleansed with the proper product before administrating the medication.
It is also important to know that an un treated external ear infection can infect the inner ear. Dogs can loose their balance and this can also cause deafness.


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