Insecte bites

Your standard poodle was a little too friendly with a bee and was stung.
Result of this action, an inflammation on the nose.

This can be dangerous because certain dogs can have allergic reactions.

So, in case of a sting, remove the dart, if you can find it, by pressing the skin on each side of the sting.

Do not touch the little pouch on the tip of the dart, it contains venom that could infect more.
Keep an eye on the dog.

A few minutes to a few hours later, the infected area will show some swelling.

If your dog has been stung on the tongue or in the throat, he will show some swelling and have difficulty breathing following that.

If he is allergic, there is a risk if ANGIOEDEMA

In both of these cases, consult your veterinarian to avoid complications.

Prevention is your best medication.

Better go once too much than once not enough.

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