If your standard poodle has diarrhea without the presence of blood, you could try this little home trick. Dogs react very well to Pepto-Bismol MD, This product treats diarrhea and is sold in drug stores. The recommended dose for a dog 1.0 millilitres ( cc ) for 1 kilogram of weight ( 1cc/ 1kg ) . 1 treatment should be divided into 2 to 3 portions to be given 2 to 3 times during the day. Example : if the dog weighs 15 kg ( 33 pounds ) , 3 doses of 5 cc during the day: 5cc in the morning, 5cc in the afternoon, and the last 5 cc at night.

If your standard poodle is rapidly dehydrating, see your veterinarian quickly. An effective way to know if your dog is dehydrating is to pinch the skin on the dogs back and if the skin remains pinched, your dog is dehydrating. You must also consult if you see that the dog is getting worst, such as : high temperature, loss of appetite, diarrhea, or if the dog seems sad ( for three days or more). To help the diagnostic, the owner must take note of the date the symptoms start to appear, the frequency of the stools, how often they are done, the color of the stools and if there is presence of blood, the presence of parasites or undigested food . All of this will help the veterinarian with his diagnostic and to find the origin of the problem to help find the best way to cure the dog.
With the proper diagnostic, the veterinarian could choose which option will be better. Either by using intestinal bandages that absorb the bacterial toxins, antibiotics, a re-hydration or a specific pest control treatment.
Diarrhea is characterised by stools that are too soft, almost liquid form and /or too frequent. This problem often occurs with dogs. This happens when the colons capacity to absorb cannot compensate the excess water at the exit of the small intestine or an imbalance of the colon's functions thus enabling it to function properly.
There are many factors that can cause diarrhea such as a different diet, over eating during meals, the quality of the food, intestinal parasites, bacterial or viral infections, the intake of garbage or spicy foods, stress, food allergies, ect. If the diarrhea lasts more than 3 weeks and appears regularly, it is chronic.
If diarrhea is present, the best thing to do is to not give any food for 24 hours, only small amounts on sweetened water to avoid dehydration. After the fasting, give your dog food but in little quantities until the stools are firm. The best way to avoid diarrhea is prevention. It is also useful to give deworming treatments regularly to avoid certain digestive troubles. It is also important to feed your dog a good quality dog food without modifying his diet to quickly. It should take patience from the owner and about a week for the diet transition between two different foods. This could avoid many problems.


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