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Discover Roxy Poodle, a royal poodle breeder on the north shore of Montreal, quebec. Since 1996, we have been commited to raising dogs with high standards.

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A breeder

high standards

 Our breeding dogs live with us in the family house. The dogs are involved in every family aspect, including vacations and social outings. The pups are born in the family house where they can socialize with children, adults and other dogs. The intelligence, temperament plus the health and beauty are very important criteria for the required breeding quality. For these reason, our puppies are sold as a pet only.

The standard poodle in brief

One of the dog breeds

most popular
in the world

We are located in Montreal area, Québec (Canada). Adopt a quality compagnon ar Roxy Poodle. come to see puppies available


high standards


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We are located on the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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